Corporate Culture

  Looking down on the sky and earth without shame,praise and criticism have their own spring and autumn

  In"Mencius:Diligent Heart,"it is said that"looking up is worthy of heaven,bowing down is not worthy of people."He is upright and straightforward,looking up is worthy of heaven,and looking down is worthy of people.In order to achieve sustainable interactive development between enterprises and society,and achieve a win-win effect between corporate interests and social interests,Hefei Hongguang adheres to the corporate citizenship consciousness of"being a company like a person",fulfills civic responsibilities,and actively assumes social responsibilities with a purpose and plan.This enables us to continuously improve our own quality while creating profits,and has earned us a good brand image and social praise.

  The highest goodness is like water,and virtue carries things.There is nothing softer in the world than water,but it can penetrate hard things and nothing can surpass it.Drips of water pierce through stones,and this is where"softness"lies.There is no greater goodness than water.The goodness of water is unmatched by anyone.The virtue of water can carry all things.We believe that only those who know how to be a good person can do a good job in a business.

  William Clay Ford Jr.once said,"There is a difference between a good enterprise and a great enterprise.A good enterprise can provide excellent products and services;a great enterprise can also provide excellent products and services,but it also needs to work hard to make this world a better place."In the future,Hongguang people will continue to uphold this awareness and work together with friends from all walks of life to create a better"mirror world.