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ITO glass polishing sheets officially launched in the market

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  Our company produces polyurethane polishing pads that not only meet the needs of the optical cold processing market and watch glass polishing market,but also have two different hardness and density polishing pads for mobile phone panel glass polishing and ITO glass polishing.It replaces Japan's KSP and the United States'LP series polishing discs.It is very popular after entering the market.

  The enterprises currently using our company's products include Bengbu Huayi,Suzhou Bannitzi,Xiamen Weihong,Jiangmen Yidu,Dongguan Zhiwen,Huizhou BYD,Shenzhen Nanya Technology,Shenzhen Longchuang,Zhejiang Xingxing Optoelectronics,Suzhou Jinlong Industry and Trade,etc.Taiwan Minghong,South Korea SANO,France Sinoptix,Germany Schott are also distributing or using our products.
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