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Hongguang welcomes you

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  There is no need to hate Fangfei's departure,as the summer wood is gloomy and upright.The website of Hefei Hongguang Grinding Technology Co.,Ltd.has been successfully redesigned again!

  On the"highway"of the information age,we will do our best and live up to expectations,presenting the products and information of"Hefei Hongguang Grinding Technology Co.,Ltd."to you better with a new face from multiple directions and angles,a reasonable layout,scientific arrangement,vivid and novel interactive layout,and illustrated text.Thank you to our new and old customers for their kindness and encouragement.At the same time,we sincerely hope that everyone can continue to understand and support us,so that the"Hongguang website"can truly promote Hefei Hongguang and highlight our products;The purpose of communication and exchange is to build a bridge of friendship.

  Welcome to Hongguang!

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