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In 2014, HG66 polyurethane polishing pads were awarded the title of New Product in Anhui Province

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  On June 12,2014,the Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission organized a new product appraisal meeting for HG66 polyurethane polishing sheets developed by Hefei Hongguang Grinding Technology Co., Hefei City.The attending experts listened to the report on the development work of the enterprise,inspected the samples and production site,and reviewed relevant technical information.Form the following opinion:

  The new process adopted by this product has improved its wear resistance and cutting rate,and reduced the problem of"passivation"during use.

  The main performance indicators of the product have reached the level of similar international products.

  3.The product has been used by users,with good feedback,broad market prospects,and significant economic and social benefits.

  4.The production equipment,testing methods,and quality assurance system of the enterprise can meet the requirements of mass production.

  The appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal of the new product.

  On July 8,2014,the Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission issued the Anhui Province New Product Certificate for our company's HG66 polyurethane polishing pads.

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